Requesting the GHRCFLs Assistance

When requesting assistance, as a general rule:

First, contact the GHRCFL to discuss the request and then based on this information, carefully complete and submit a Service Request Form.

Service Request Form

Requests for on-site assistance are accepted on a case-by-case basis, regardless of which law enforcement agency in the GHRCFL's service area made the request. The GHRCFL prioritizes each case according to the nature of the crime.

For assistance with a search or field examination, submit this form to the GHRCFL with advance notice of 48 hours to one week whenever possible. Specify whether a seizure of computers/media or an on-site image collection is required, and if possible, include a copy of the search warrant or other legal authority (e.g. consent form) that authorizes the seizure or collection of the digital evidence with the form. The GHRCFL also uses the Service Request form to monitor and track cases.

Please note that regardless of whether a service request is pursuant to either a search warrant or a consent to search, a copy of the search warrant or agency consent form must be provided to the RCFL with the Service Request prior to the examination. Failure to include proper legal authority with the Service Request will more than likely cause a delay in processing the request.

When requesting assistance, please use the new GHRCFL Service Request Form:

Examination Best Practices FAQ Sheet (File information: ExaminationBestPractices.doc)



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