Benefits of Participation

Law Enforcement Agencies Benefits of RCFL Participation

By detailing staff to the RCFL, law enforcement agencies receive benefits in the following areas:

Computer Forensic Services and Standards

Agencies have access, 24/7, to computer forensic examination and advisory services in an FBI-Sponsored RCFL, staffed by certified examiners with a diversity of skills, using standardized methods and a wide array of tools.


If a critical, time-sensitive case arises, agencies may receive full RCFL support and expertise with a high level of service. RCFLs are equipped with state of the art equipment and tools.


Agency personnel receive extensive, costly training that most agencies cannot afford on their own. Not only is initial training provided, but advanced and recurring training is also provided.

Knowledge and Experience

Personnel return to home agencies:

Detailed Computer Forensic Examiners

Benefits of RCFL Participation

Detailed examiners receive substantial personal benefits in the following areas:


RCFL personnel receive:


RCFL personnel build a strong network of professional contacts within the computer forensics community.

Knowledge and Experience

Personnel leave the RCFL with a greater knowledge of available computer forensic tools and examination methodologies.

Personnel at the RCFL are exposed to wider range of cases including those that are high profile and/or unique.

Benefits of Participation - PDF (File information: Benefits_of_Participation.doc; 455 KB)



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